I’d like to take you on an inspiring journey through our collection. At BANDHU, we believe in the power of modern minimalism and craftsmanship, which you will clearly see in every piece of jewelry we create.

Discover timeless beauty

Designer rings are born from a deep commitment to craftsmanship and a passion for minimalist design. Each piece is infused with timeless elegance, making it not just an accessory but an heirloom to cherish. We believe in making essential pieces that you can cherish for a lifetime, and that is exactly what you will find in our collection.

Silver and gold

Our collection of designer rings embraces the timeless beauty of gold and silver. Gold exudes warmth and brings a touch of luxury to your style. Our gold rings are carefully designed, sometimes with subtly sparkling gemstones, making them elegant showpieces. On the other hand, silver offers an understated, classic look. Silver rings emphasize subtlety and sophistication, making them the perfect choice for a timeless and versatile look. Whether you prefer gold or silver, each of our designer rings is lovingly crafted and promises to be a durable and stylish companion in your personal jewelry collection.

A unique piece just for you

The collection is not mass-produced; each piece is handcrafted with love and dedication. This means that when you wear a BANDHU ring, you are wearing something that is unique, just like you. The same goes for our designer bracelets, necklaces and earrings. BANDHU cherishes the idea that you deserve something special, and I am proud to offer this.


The world of fashion is constantly changing, but BANDHU believes in embracing sustainability above all else. We embrace slow fashion, which means we don’t encourage hasty consumption. Instead, we encourage you to invest in pieces that are not only beautiful, but also long-lasting. Designer rings become instant essentials for your wardrobe. Each of my designs is made from scratch, with a consistent focus on materials and quality. Each piece is unique, designed and handmade with dedication.

Stainless steel for radiant beauty

I searched for a conscious material strong enough for my designs. Therefore, I chose stainless steel and stainless steel with 14K gold plating. As a designer, stainless steel gives me the freedom to create the shapes that fit the clean and minimalist design that characterizes BANDHU. Stainless steel is a solid alloy that is very strong, does not dent and retains its shape. The jewelry retains its luster and color. Importantly, it is allergy-free. Therefore, BANDHU jewelry can be worn by anyone!


BANDHU offers a recycling service. By returning your old BANDHU-item you will get a discount on your new purchase in our online store at www.bandhu.eu, and we will recycle your old item. If you would like to return your item, or would like more information, please email: [email protected].