About Us

‘Great memories deserve to be felt’

In the old Sanskrit language BANDHU means friendship, friend and protector.
The philosophy behind our brand is to honor memories.
With a special memory in mind, BANDHU is a great gift to either yourself or a special person to share or create a special moment. Our designer, Viona van Dijk, designs all her creations from scratch.This is why “your BANDHU” will always be a unique piece!

‘true style deserves to be loved slowly’

According to Viona, owner and designer, a fast developing world doesn’t mean high consumption.
Her brand BANDHU is part of Slow fashion, which creates a high sustainability simply because you enjoy your jewelry longer thru the special meaning it contains. Our minimalistic pieces are timeless and elegant designs which become instant essentials for your wardrobe.

Choose well




Why is BANDHU jewellery made of stainless steel? A question that I get quite often, for me personally it was a very clear and conscious decision.

I was looking for a material that is strong enough for my designs.
As a designer it gives me the freedom to create the shapes that fit the clean and minimalistic design which is BANDHU.

Stainless steel is a massive alloy, which is very strong, doesn’t dent and keeps its shape.
Our jewellery keeps its shine en colour.

We use 316L stainless steel which is 100% recyclable.

An important reason to use stainless steel is that Stainless steel is 100% allergy free, therefore BANDHU jewellery can be worn by everyone!

Our golden jewellery has a 14k gold plating. The plating for BANDHU jewellery is achieved by a vacuum process which is the most environmental friendly process for all plating.

Stainless steel is also the best material suitable for this process of plating. It has a very low wear and tear which keeps your jewellery in great condition.



BANDHU is offering a stainless steel recycling service.

You can return your old BANDHU item and get 15% off on your new purchase in the online shop www.bandhu.eu and we will recycle your old item.

If you want to return item please send a mail to: info@bandhu.eu