Bandhu jewelry has been produced of stainless steel or of steel plated with silver.
Some pieces of jewelry have an inlay of leather or suede. Therefore we advise you to:

Take care of your Bandhu and follow our advice to keep your Bandhu beautiful as long as possible

  •  take off your Bandhu at swimming, showering, visiting the sauna, and before entering a damp environment
  •  chemical products like perfumes, hairspray, medicines etc. influence the PHvalue of your skin, which could cause fading colours of your Bandhu jewelry
  •  polish your jewelry with a silverpolish cloth to keep it shining and beautiful
  •  store your jewelry at a dry and dark place Period of Guarantee Bandhu offers a 6 months’ guarantee as long as the advice given above is obeyed to. 

This guarantee does not include damages caused by poor treatment of the Bandhu products